Guided by the Holy Spirit and inspired by the Blessed Virgin Mary, the mission of Radio Family Rosary is to bring the Holy Rosary, spiritual and informational presentations and sacred music to local radio listeners in homes, cars and offices, and to the worldwide web.

Now in its 31st year of broadcasting, our objective is to include as many parishes, schools and organizations in the taping of the rosary itself.  We are continually approaching new speakers and guests to be interviewed and promoting all events of interest to the Diocese.

Since the very beginning of Radio Family Rosary programming, Dorothy Westfall has served as the leader of all aspects of the program, including interviewing and scheduling of programs, writing, publication and mailing of the monthly newsletter, event planning of dinners, teas and card parties, and sales of boutique items and Catholic used books.  We ask you to consider joining the “Rosary Family” as we organize these tasks into committees, parish and area coordinators that will guarantee the continuance of the program for years to come.

As the world is ever changing, Catholics need and deserve help and guidance in living their faith on a daily basis. Radio Family Rosary helps in three ways: the radio allows listeners to tune in privately or as part of a group and share in the daily praying the rosary. The program creates a family, whose needs and wants are similar, in growing their spirituality. Finally, the rosary and all of its promises is conveniently available for those who are searching to make their lives better.

RFR is an excellent source of information regarding the Saints of the Church, whose feast days are recognized. It is extremely focused on the promotion of vocations to the religious life and priesthood, Diocesan organizations, as well as pro-life advocacy. We are pursuing new avenues of expansion of the special interests of Youth and Young Adults.